Have you ever taught a lesson on frogs? If you’re an elementary teacher this answer is almost certainly yes.

Elementary teachers often have a unit plan at some point during the school year that covers classifying animals like mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Within that unit, a lesson on frogs is common because it appeals to both students and teachers.

Students love learning about frogs because children are generally curious about animals. Even for the ones who don’t like amphibians, there’s still an “eww!” factor that captures their attention.

Any topic that lends itself to a variety of lessons is going to be popular with teachers. A lesson plan on frogs and toads provides an opportunity to teach multiple scientific concepts like classifying animals, life cycles, food chains, and habitats all through just one type of animal.

Because so many different concepts can be taught using frogs, it makes it easier to find ways to differentiate the lesson plan. The LRCE library can support this differentiation by providing access to many types of resources related to frogs. We have big books, audiobooks, class sets of books, DVDs, pocket charts, foam models, and more. No matter what type of learners you have, we have something for you!

Frog infographic.png

If you’d like resources on frogs or any other topic, comment below or email us at info@lrce.org!

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